Agricultural Area / Fumigation services

Fosfoquim, in the Chilean market, offers a complete pure phosphine fumigation service through its affiliate company Fosfoquim Fumigaciones S.A.

For these fumigation services, the Horn Diluphos System is used, a unique revolutionary technology which allow to dilute pure phosphine directly with air to fumigate agricultural products such as grains, dried fruits, fresh fruit, wood, and closed spaces as silo bins, warehouses, buildings, mills, among others.

For Fosfoquim, safety is a main concern, and so, all Fosfoquim personnel that contributes on the fumigation services has been trained on the operation of the Horn Diluphos System equipment, handling of pure phosphine, safety of the operations, safe driving techniques, etc.


Phosphine fumigation service in Chile

Fosfoquim, through its affiliatte company Fosfoquim Fumigaciones, offers pure phosphine fumigation services utilizing the Horn Diluphos System or HDS.


Fresh Fruits

After the development of the Horn Diluphos System technology, in 2005, FOSFOQUIM developed a patented method for postharvest fumigation of fresh fruit.


Quarantine pest control

Presence of quarantine pest is today one of the biggest problems for the commerce of agricultural products worldwide.



Presence of pests and insects all over the food supply chain is one of the most difficult challenges the food and feed industry face every day.