Agricultural Area / Equipment, products and supplies

In 2001 Fosfoquim developed a revolutionary equipment, known as Horn Diluphos System which is the only technology available worldwide for the safe dilution of phosphine directly with air. This technology is used today in Australia, USA, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, New Zealand, among others.

The development of the Horn Diluphos System has created a revolution in terms of phosphine fumigation for control of insects worldwide, generating new fields of application, new application techniques, accesories and supplies customized for the Horn Diluphos System technology.

 In addition, Fosfoquim is the exclusive distributor for South America of pure cylindered phosphine manufactured by Cytec Industries, marketed as F-Gas or VaporPH3os.


HDS Phosphine fumigation Equipment

Today, phosphine is the most widely used fumigant worldwide for insects control in agricultural stored products.


Phosphine monitors

The CertiPH3os phosphine monitor is an electronic real-time monitoring equipment which operate on the principle of infrared-spectrometry, with a measuring capacity from 45 to 4500 ppm.


Pure cylinderized phosphine

Phosphine is today the most widely used fumigant worldwide for control of insect in agricultural stored products.