R + D + I


Being consistent with its leading position, FOSFOQUIM directs important resources to innovation and development. These resources are used for both the development of new processes, product and technologies of application for the products, as well as for the improvement of the existing production processes.

Most of the FOSFOQUIM plants were constructed on the basis of designs developed by the engineering and technical teams of the company and were executed, mostly by FOSFOQUIM personnel.

FOSFOQUIM’s workshops have highly qualified personnel that use adequate tools to meet the demands of their work and of their customers, as well as to provide support to the developments that are being performed at the moment.

Not withstanding, the objective of the company is not focused only to responding to the demands of the market, but also to offer an integral service to the client. Our team provides advice to our customers in the use of our products and also in the implementation of innovations in their plants to increase their performance.