Pine log fumigation on ships using the Horn Diluphos System(R)


Since December 2016, pine logs exported from Uruguay to China are being fumigated with the Horn Diluphos System(r) developed by Fosfoquim S.A.(r) for the injection of F-Gas, pure cylindered phosphine.

Traditionally, aluminum phosphide has been used for this application, presenting some issues in terms of safety. Humidity levels inside the ship hold are usually high, accelerating the hydrolysis of the aluminum phosphide, generating phosphine faster than desired, increasing the risks of fire in the cargo. Upon arrival, the spend material left in the ship hold should be collected, disposed and deactivated, generating extra costs and potential risks to operators and the ship crew.

The use of the Horn Diluphos System(r) allow to perform a fumigation 100% free of spent material as only pure gas is applied, but also eliminating the risk of fire in the ship hold once the gas has been injected in the ship hold, significantly improving the traditional fumigation practice.

The ships are being fumigated in Montevideo port, expecting on ship loaded every 20 days.



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