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FOSFOQUIM is a Chilean chemical company, founded in 1986 with the goal of develop, manufacture and market high quality product and services, related to the chemistry of phosphorus and sulfur.

Starting from the experience and trust in its achievements, FOSFOQUIM started developing products and technologies for producing its own products, entering into the chemical, mining and agricultural industries, placing the safety and care of the environment as principal values.


To manufacture and commercialize high quality products and services, placing strong emphasis on research, creation and innovation, maintaining a Responsible Care in safety, health, environment and quality in favor of the sustainable development.


FOSFOQUIM is a leading company in Phosphorus and Sulfur chemistry and stored product protection, a condition that we wish to maintain based on innovation.

FOSFOQUIM intends to be a recognized worldwide leader creating new national and international markets; providing integral solutions and meeting customer’s needs for the different industries in which we participate.




Pine log fumigation on ships using the Horn Diluphos System(R)


Uruguay is the first country exporting pine logs fumigated in ship holds with F-Gas, pure cylinderized phosphine